We’ve helped many people pursue their calling to work in missions and relief overseas. It looks different for each person, so if you’re interested, let’s start a conversation about your next step.

Go on a short-term mission trip

This is a great way to get a taste for what life on the mission field is like. Start by speaking with your church to see if there are any upcoming trips you can be a part of. If that’s not an option, contact us. When planning your trip, make sure to visit our Ethical Short-Term Missions website and complete the checklist.

Become a full-time Field Worker

If you’re ready to commit to working in the field full time, we can help. Contact us to get started. As part of your preparations, we’ll ask you to complete our Intercultural Ministry Competence course.

Ethical Short-Term Missions

How can you or your church lead short-term mission trips that are ethical as well as effective?

Intercultural Ministry Competence course

Get equipped for contemporary missions with our online short course. It’s designed to prepare you for life in the field.


Would you like to get first-hand experience in the field, while learning from our team of missions and relief experts? Then ACCI's new internship program could be for you!

As an intern, you'll spend six months in the field, working alongside one of our Field Workers or Partners. You'll also complete our Intercultural Ministry Competence Course and speak regularly with ACCI staff to unpack your learnings and grow in your capacity for missions.